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Wheels Specialists
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Wheel Specialists

Reduce your costs by up to 50% by recovering!
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UK specialists in the manufacturing, recovering and refurbishment of forklift and similar types of wheels. Unlike many of our competitors MSA are in a unique position to manufacture components to customers' own specifications.
  • With MSA's 20 years of experience you can be assured of the best advice on the recovering of any type of wheel.
  • Wide range of polyurethane specifications to meet most applications and environments.
  • Significant reduction in costs compared to new wheels and, in many cases, a longer productive life.
  • Manufacturing and re-engineering to customer's specifications.
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We have the best prices on Castors and Wheels in the UK!
MSA supply a wide range of wheels, castors and bearings for forklifts and standard useage from our own manufacturing plant and a wide range of other manufacturers and suppliers.
  • We are also in a position to manufacture wheels, castors and rollers to customers own specifications, as one-offs or in large quantities.
  • MSA's in-house engineering and polyurethane plant will meet most special and standard requirements for tough, durable products.
  • We provide wheels, castors and rollers for trolleys, forklifts, etc.
  • MSA are very competetive and you can be assured that we will supply on the best price policy.
  • MSA suppliers include Wicke, British Castors, Revvo, Tente and Flexello.
  • MSA are main distibuters of Wicke Products in the UK.
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